Hello February

Date: 9th Feb 2018 @ 6:59am

Here we are again in the month of February - one of our favourite months here at S4YC as we say goodbye to the winter arts and crafts and instead celebrate love and friendship, enjoy pancakes (topped with all things naughty but nice) and take part in a number of activities to celebrate Chinese New Year and the Year of the Dog!

The infants said goodbye to January by making some wintry cupcakes and frozen headbands whilst, over on the juniors, they had a super time making fluffy foam paint all be it a bit on the messy side. As you can imagine, it was an activity that started off well before some children became a bit over zealous with the foam ... but they had a lot of fun in the process which is the main thing!!



The juniors got a bit carried away with themselves having raided the craft drawers and have already made a start on next week's Mardi Gras masks and the Chinese New Year activities but there is still plenty to do to keep them entertained until the end of the month so all is not lost!!

The infants started off the month by making friendship blossoms and butterflies and, for the first time ever, even managed to abstain from eating the lollipop before taking home their finished masterpiece.


Our next craft was doodle bug love hats which was a big hit with everyone involved (with some children wearing them for the rest of the evening) followed by pom pom pals and red roses.


The Seedlings room has, as always, been a hive of activity this week with our little ones treating it much like their second home.  I really don't know how we managed without it for all this time!  The children have so many fabulous things to do when they are in there such as looking at books, role play, mark making, construction, arts and crafts, outdoor play, imaginative play, sand and water, dressing up ... the opportunities are endless.



Due to the weather, we have held a lot of our sports courses in the infant hall over the last couple of weeks.  On most occasions we have been able to set up for after school in a small section of the hall alongside the sport but have found that a lot of children have joined in with football, dodgeball and gymnastics anyway (which is lovely to see).  It may look a bit chaotic to anyone coming into the hall when we are transitioning from one club to the next (i.e. at around 4.30pm) but I can assure you that everything runs smoothly before and after that time (all be it a bit noisy on the dodgeball days!).  Gymnastics is especially popular - so much so that our after schoolers have no option but to spend an hour in the ICT room/library (not that I have ever heard the children complain about that one!)


Toddler group continues to go from strength, this week's theme also being one of love and friendship with children making friendship cards and enjoying a spot of painting.  Those of you that have been coming for a while will notice the lack of a bouncy castle at the moment but will be glad to know we are already half way to raising enough money for a replacement and hope to replenish some of our other toys as the year goes on.


Don't forget to book your child in for the up and coming 'Winter Olympics' holiday club. Follow this link to book your child in online.  No children will be able to attend holiday club unless they are booked online via our iPal booking page. http://www.schoolipal.co.uk/parent/login_reg

Preschool chldren will need to be booked in via our Seedlings preschool.