Goodbye September, Hello October!!

Date: 3rd Oct 2018 @ 12:55pm

Since the beginning of term children have invested a lot of time in getting to know each other and help each other, especially our new starters, feel welcome.  They have participated in a number of arts and crafts looking at their names, likes and dislikes, families and homes, and have generally learnt what it is to be kind (although I am pleased to say, the children in club never need too much encouragement as kindness seems to come naturally to all of them).



We have spent some time adding to our club rules and, as a result, I am pleased to say we have started to put some children on our celebration board and have even started to award our very special infant  ‘Star of the Week’ bears to those who are demonstrating good behaviour and growth in their personal development (whether it be for settling in well or for managing a task that has otherwise been quite difficult up until now).  Nothing in club is too big or small for a bit of positive recognition and celebration.  The juniors are also celebrating good behaviour by way of a raffle ticket scheme.


We have had a lovely time playing with our new toys and have enjoyed many hours of fun playing with our new kitchen – although the staff are struggling to consume the numerous cups of tea and slices of cake that they are faced with on a daily basis!!  Dolls and dressing up have also become firm favourites although dressing up in the dolls clothes was not something I expected to see the children doing!!



As well as learning about each other, children have also had a look at learning about themselves and their emotions and, in doing so, have been able to create a lovely display in the infant hall which we will be adding to as time goes on.


Sports clubs are beginning to pick up and we already have 10-15 children taking part in football on a Monday after school. So far we have been lucky with the weather and children have been able to stay outdoors – fingers crossed this continues. Tuesday’s dodgeball was also popular this week (possibly due to starting off the session in the nice warm hall) and children are gradually joining in with gymnastics on a Wednesday where the children are learning more skills week by week as well as taking part in a number of fun games.


Meanwhile, when the hall is a little crowded, some of our infants are choosing to explore what is on offer in the ICT room or making the most of the sunshine and enjoy some outdoor free play.


Now we are into October, we are currently looking at outer space and the planets as part of ‘World Space Week’ then, throughout the rest of the month, we look forward to exploring all things Autumn through a number of arts and crafts, baking activities and outdoor scavenger hunts.


Unfortunately, we break up before we reach Halloween but I am glad to say that half term holiday club is based on the ‘Hotel Transylvania’ films so we will be touching on some ‘non-scary’ Halloween inspired themes over the holiday week.  Any children who are joining us are more than welcome to dress up for the occasion (so long as they promise to leave their magic potions, spiders and cauldrons at home!) 

For more information click on this link: Half Term Holiday Club