Awesome Autumn

Date: 24th Oct 2018 @ 1:46pm

Throughout the month of October, we have been looking at all things Autumn through a variety of crafts which have sparked up a lot of conversation about the weather, plants and animals that we come across at this time of year.  We started the month by taking a brief detour to celebrate Word Space week and made star wands and space inspired hats before delving into our Autumn theme by creating a number of beautiful Autumn scenes using coloured sugar paper, card and marker pens.  We were amazed to see just how creative our children are as they produced a number of masterpieces without and adult intervention.


We followed the Autumn scenes with some mosaic leafy hedgehogs, intricate window art and Autumn cards which children dedicated to friends and family by writing kind messages inside.


One of the highlights of the month so far has been making apple crumble which we managed to put in the oven to cook just in time for children to take home to enjoy with ice cream/custard.


The messiest of our out of school activities to date has been 'pumpkin carving' although the children had much more fun scooping out and playing with the inside of the pumpkin whilst the adults did the carving.  Not content with mushy pumpkin mix to get their hands into, children added shaving foam before slowly spreading the contents of the pumpkin across a table!!


Having rescued some of the pumpkin seeds, we popped then in the oven to roast and had a little taste test too - we are yet to decide if we liked them or not!

Staying on a Halloween theme, children have also enjoyed completing a number of Halloween colouring sheets and skeleton masks over the last week as well as creating some spooky ghost lollipops and cupcakes.



We look forward to continuing the Halloween theme throughout the half term holiday club as we embark on a 'Hotel Transylvania' theme which we hope will be enjoyed by all.